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Accuver 5G NR Lab automation solution
Apr 14, 2023

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[What Complicates 5G Testing]


 5G products and components necessitate testing throughout the entire ecosystem to ensure they meet the required standards and specifications. As new devices and vendors are introduced, and software upgrades and new standards are released, the number of conformance and interoperability test cases increases, making testing a complex and time-consuming process. 

In addition, conducting tests in a real-world environment is highly susceptible to outside interference, making it difficult to achieve repeatable and accurate results. Therefore, labs must conduct numerous test cases with varying levels of complexity to thoroughly evaluate the performance and compatibility of 5G products and components.

For operators, testing is a resource-intensive and time-consuming task, requiring a significant investment of both time and financial resources. Nevertheless, thorough testing is crucial to ensure the success of 5G technology and its ability to meet the demands of today's data-driven world.

[Accuver Lab Automation Solution]

Accuver lab automation solution enhances the efficiency of laboratory hardware, software, and human resources by enabling automated and remote control of lab equipment from a distributed setup. This solution produces consistent and repeatable results, replicating a field radio environment within the lab. 

In combination with the XCAL series, this solution can scale up the test environment to support hundreds of User Equipments (UEs). This field-to-lab solution streamlines the testing process, improves accuracy, and enables faster feedback for optimization and troubleshooting, ultimately reducing the time and cost required for 5G device and network testing.

This state-of-the-art solution comprises a channel emulator, shield box, multi UE test system, and test management software.


 XCAT-MAIS is a leading air interface simulation solution that allows engineers to replicate realistic radio wave propagation in laboratory environments. Its system architecture is fully scalable and flexible, with individual phase and amplitude adjustment per path, replicating the wireless channel environment of UEs. XCAT-MAIS offers various real-world test scenarios such as fading, path loss, mobility, and M-MIMO simulations. The operator can simulate complex field tests in the lab using XCAT-MAIS.

[ XCAT-Shield Box & XCAT-SmartShield]

 XCAT-SmartShield ensures that a single UE's RF environment remains precisely as specified by the Test Manager. XCAT-Shield Box is a cutting-edge shielding solution for multi-UEs’ OTA testing, featuring adjustable antenna positioning and polarization capabilities, and it's essential for conducting complex testing scenarios such as roaming, steering, and load balancing in multi-node networks.


XCAL-MTS is a versatile, mobile-based network measurement and verification solution that supports a wide range of wireless technologies. It monitors and manages the status of a massive number of UEs' ports, parameter tables, and call statistics. Depending on the scale and purpose of the test, MTS can be substituted with a combination of other XCAL Series products.

 [Test Manager]

 The Test Manager intelligently orchestrates all the test components and conducts scheduled tests, producing repeatable test results automatically and remotely from a distributed laboratory. The selected test scenario is automatically repeated to validate the system's performance. Once the test scenario is complete, the Report Generator in the Test Manager produces a Summary Report. More in-depth investigation of each test case can be conducted through a Detail Report.

Accuver Lab automation solution is a reliable and robust testing platform that has been validated by top operators worldwide. It customizes the test environment to match the operator’s goals and offers top-notch technical assistance.