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5G Field test up to 12 UEs with Pu12

admin 2022.09.30 조회수 1,937

XCAL-Pu12 is similar to XCAL-Pu9 however it supports 12 UEs and latest 5G technologies. XCAL-Pu12 packages drive test, unattended benchmarking and an in-building test solution into a compact, lightweight and powerful tool. The Pu12 can support up to 12 mobile phones that can be provisioned to benchmark a range of competitors over all key mobile access technologies like 5G, 2G, 3G, LTE, LTE-A (CA ~ 6CA), PS-LTE (MCPTT), eMTC (Cat.M1) and NB-IoT. Thanks to its light-weight chassis, it is suitable for walk test. Need more information? visit