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Accuver applauds EchoStar’s success in fulfilling FCC’s 5G buildout commitments for the Boost Mobile

Writer : admin Date : 2024.06.04 Hits 439


Accuver, a leading provider of network optimization solutions, extends its heartfelt congratulations to EchoStar for the significant milestone of achieving the completion of a Nationwide Drive Test for the Boost Mobile Network, delivering on all 2023 FCC commitments in record time, as recently confirmed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Through close collaboration and shared expertise, EchoStar successfully optimized its 5G network infrastructure, ensuring seamless performance and reliability for customers nationwide. Accuver’s automated remote field test management system, XCAL-Manager, along with the drive test advisor XCAL-Navi, were instrumental in empowering EchoStar to streamline its network drive test process, recognized by the FCC as an approved method for verifying network performance commitments.

“We extend our heartfelt congratulations to EchoStar on this significant milestone in their journey towards providing unparalleled 5G connectivity,” expressed Jimmy Kim, CEO at Accuver. “We are privileged to have contributed to the Boost Mobile Network’s success story, and we remain committed to supporting their vision of delivering exceptional connectivity experiences to customers across the country.”

Accuver continues to prioritize collaboration and innovation in the telecommunications sector, empowering operators such as EchoStar to achieve excellence in network deployment and optimization. Through strategic partnerships and cutting-edge solutions, Accuver remains dedicated to driving the global adoption of 5G technology and shaping the future of connectivity.