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The opening of D2D satellite communication…The market for testing and measuring equipment will grow

Writer : admin Date : 2024.05.17 Hits 494

The opening of D2D satellite communicationThe market for testing and measuring equipment will also grow 


As the satellite-terminal direct connection (D2D) communication market is blooming, it is acting as a new growth opportunity for the domestic communication equipment industry. In particular, network optimization solutions and channel emulators that virtually implement a test environment are in the spotlight from global satellite operators.



In line with this, domestic equipment companies are also actively exploring markets. In the case of Innowireless, XCAL·XCAP, a mobile communication performance test equipment, is supplied to D2D communication quality verification through Accuver, an overseas corporation.

Global satellite companies can use the equipment to transmit 5G and LTE signals from satellites and check whether text and voice calls are received normally on ground smartphones. Through various scenario tests, D2D communication quality is supplemented based on the analysis of at which stage radio wave transmission and reception problems occurred.

It is also going to step up efforts to develop channel emulators that simulate communication environments between satellites and terminals. Based on the existing mobile communication network channel emulator XCAT-MAIS, Innowireless is developing a XCAT-SPACE that reflects the unique characteristics of a satellite communication environment with high signal attenuation and delay. This product can simulate the communication environment as if it were actually sending and receiving signals at latitude and altitude by entering satellite (base station) location and movement information, and smartphone location and movement information.

Using this equipment, it is possible to identify the degree of satellite signal distortion received by smartphones and analyze the call quality by simulating a long-distance communication environment between satellites and terminals in the laboratory without actually launching satellites. Through this, satellite communication equipment manufacturers and smartphone manufacturers can develop optimized products suitable for D2D communication.

An industry official said, At MWC24 held in Spain this year, many officials from global satellite companies watched demonstration of domestic network test equipment. As the era of satellite communication begins in earnest, new growth opportunities are opening up in the network equipment market.


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