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Accuver Shines at MWC2024: Strengthening Global Partnerships and Showcasing Innovation

Writer : admin Date : 2024.03.11 Hits 1,443


Accuver, the mobile network testing solution provider, announced its successful completion of MWC2024 in Barcelona, Spain. This year, Accuver strengthened its global partnerships and showcased its innovative technological competitiveness through a bigger booth. The number of visitors and business meeting requests has more than doubled compared to last year.


At this exhibition, Accuver presented a variety of product lines ranging from wireless network optimization, lab automation, open RAN, small cells, to the newly added vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication. Customers from various global branches visited the booth to see newly updated features and demonstrations.


The achievements of each Accuver branch were particularly outstanding. Accuver EMEA had a meeting with the Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) of Saudi Arabia and received a promise of active support from the Saudi government for its expansion to the Middle East. Accuver EMEA was also invited to a conference between the regulatory authorities of French-speaking countries, including the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications and Posts (ARCEP) in Togo, to introduce Accuver’s solutions.


Accuver Americas received trial requests for XCAL-Air, a drone-based airspace network solution, and XCAT-SmartShield, a lab automation equipment, from the world's largest smartphone manufacturer. Multiple global satellite communications operators also visited the Accuver booth to attend the private seminar for XCAT-Space, which enables integrated communication network channel testing between satellite and mobile communication terminals based on the existing mobile communication channel emulator, XCAT-MAIS.


Accuver Japan received positive evaluations for small cell and Private 5G network deployment from top-tier mobile network operators. Accuver provides various products that cover the total lifecycle of the mobile network from design, deployment, verification to operation. The open RAN solution, AEGIS-O, received positive responses for its ability to conduct real-time equipment interface testing and verification with commercial terminals for private network deployment or O-RAN system deployment phases.


The newly shown V2X Drive Test Solution, WCEX-DRTS, entered a sales contract with Dekra, a global automotive testing and certification organization.


Additionally, a new Small Cell solution was showcased at the exhibition. In addition to the 4T4R outdoor Small Cell and Private 5G network total solution Q-5G Harmony, Accuver also introduced the demo of the Cloud Small Cell Service, Q-5G Chorus solution tailored for small businesses and discussed its future applications. The Q-5G Chorus, which is the world's first all-in-one small cell equipped with 5G UPF (User Plane Function), received positive responses among global players due to its easy and fast installation and cost-effectiveness.