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Innowireless, the parent company of Accuver, developed 5G+LTE Small Cell for KT

Writer : admin Date : 2024.02.23 Hits 1,514


Accuver, a subsidiary of Innowireless, proudly announces the successful development and verification of a groundbreaking small cell technology by Innowireless in collaboration with KT, Korea's leading telecommunications provider. This innovative small cell promises to redefine mobile communication by addressing connectivity challenges and enhancing network performance.


Innowireless, leveraging its expertise in telecommunications technology, spearheaded the development of the new small cell solution for KT. This collaborative effort marks a significant milestone in the advancement of mobile networks, showcasing the combined capabilities of Innowireless and KT in driving innovation within the industry.


The new small cell boasts impressive specifications designed to meet the demands of evolving network environments. Equipped with four antennas for 5G data transmission and reception (4T4R), along with two antennas dedicated to LTE communication (2T2R), the small cell offers unparalleled versatility.


This advanced small cell supports both 5G Standalone (SA) and Non-Standalone (NSA) modes, ensuring seamless integration into diverse network architectures. With doubled antenna capacity compared to conventional solutions, the small cell delivers enhanced signal quality and expanded service coverage, offering users faster data transmission speeds of up to 1.4Gbps.


Accuver, as part of the Innowireless family, stands ready to leverage this successful collaboration between Innowireless and KT to explore new opportunities in the telecommunications industry. As a leading provider of network testing and optimization solutions, Accuver is committed to supporting the deployment and optimization of the new small cell technology, further enhancing network performance and user experiences.