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Accuver to showcase 5G network testing solutions at MWC Barcelona 2024

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Accuver, a global leader in mobile network testing solutions, is gearing up for an exciting exhibition at MWC Barcelona from February 26th to 29th, 2024. With a history of consistent participation at MWC, Accuver has established itself as a trailblazer in showcasing revolutionary technologies, and this year is no exception. Notably, Accuver has not only expanded its booth size but also introduced new solutions that have never been showcased before. 

Unveiling Advanced Solutions

1. Field Test Zone - Mobile Network Optimization Solution

Accuver introduces the XCAL·XCAP optimization solution, a cutting-edge tool designed to streamline field testing processes and ensure optimal performance in wireless communication networks. With its advanced features, XCAL·XCAP empowers operators to enhance network efficiency and deliver superior user experiences.

2. Open RAN Zone - Showcasing AEGIS-O Open RAN Test Solution

At the Open RAN Zone, Accuver showcases the AEGIS-O open RAN test solution, a pivotal tool for testing and optimizing open RAN networks. AEGIS-O supports Working Group 4/5 IOT badging and TIFG End-to-End OTIC badging for O-RAN networks, demonstrating its versatility and compatibility with industry standards.

3. V2X Zone - Innovating Vehicle-to-Everything Communication Performance Testing

Accuver's V2X Zone highlights its commitment to advancing vehicle-to-everything communication technology, crucial for the evolution of autonomous driving. Through comprehensive testing between On Board Units (OBU) / Road Side Units (RSU) and V2X standard Base Safety Messages (BSM), Accuver ensures the reliability and efficiency of V2X communication systems.

4. Lab Automation Zone - Real-Field simulation in Lab environments

In the Lab Automation Zone, Accuver presents its state-of-the-art laboratory automation solutions, enabling the simulation of real-world communication environments for thorough testing and analysis. By replicating complex network scenarios, Accuver empowers operators to optimize network performance and troubleshoot potential issues effectively.

5. 3D Coverage Zone - Introducing Drone-based Airspace Network Communication Measurement

Accuver unveils its drone-based airspace network communication measurement solution in the 3D Coverage Zone, essential for assessing and optimizing communication coverage in urban air mobility (UAM) scenarios. Leveraging drone technology, Accuver provides precise measurements and analysis to ensure seamless connectivity in aerial networks.

6. Small Cell Zone - Presenting Total Solutions for Small Cell and Private 5G Networks

Accuver's Small Cell Zone showcases comprehensive solutions tailored for 5G networks, including the latest advancements in small cell technology, 5G Core and specialized network services platforms. With features such as Cloud Small Cell service and All-in-One Small Cells incorporating 5G UPF function, Accuver empowers customers to deploy efficient and scalable small cell networks.

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