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Accuver Japan participates in global Plugfest to verify Open RAN equipment

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Accuver participates in global Plugfest to verify Open RAN equipment

Accuver Japan participated in the O-RAN Plugfest, an event hosted by Rakuten Mobile in Japan. During this event, Accuver focused on evaluating the automation compatibility of the ORAN Alliance's E2E Test.


The ORAN Alliance E2E Test refers to the end-to-end testing of a network composed of RAN equipment that complies with Open RAN specifications.

At this Plugfest, Accuver Japan conducted tests by integrating multiple solutions.


Accuver automated RF test scenarios using multiple real User Equipment (UE) with the XCAL-MTS network optimization device for testing mobile networks, and the XCAT-MAIS, Air interface simulator that replicates various field environments in the lab.


The Open RAN section utilizes AEGIS-O, a specialized Open RAN testing equipment, to analyze standard conformity for each interface. It also integrates network information from UEs transmitted by XCAL-MTS to automatically analyze and report the performance of the entire E2E O-RAN system.


By using the actual UE logs and Open RAN logs, Accuver automated the entire testing process, including the automatic generation of result reports with the XCAT-AMS. Accuver Japan was the only vendor in the tests conducted by Rakuten Mobile to use actual UEs in the tests and to directly acquire real ORAN data, as opposed to using emulator equipment. Accuver successfully automated the entire process, from setting up the real UE-based testing environment to deriving the final results.



A representative from Accuver stated, "We have been an Open RAN alliance member since the early stages and have accumulated technology related to Open RAN." added, "We will further develop specialized functions to meet the demands of the Open RAN market in collaboration with Rakuten Mobile."