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Accuver XCAL-Solo III supported the study published in IEEE Internet of Things Journal

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Sungnam, Korea - October 27th 2023 - Accuver XCAL-Solo III has played a pivotal role in supporting study recently published in the IEEE Internet of Things Journal.

The study, titled "Self-Attention-based Uplink Radio Resource Prediction in 5G Dual Connectivity," presents a practical self-attention-based deep learning model for predicting uplink radio resource allocation in the context of 5G Dual Connectivity (5G DC).

The Accuver XCAL-Solo III, a cutting-edge tool in wireless communication technology, was an essential component in this research effort. It was employed to collect a significant amount of training data and conduct comprehensive measurements of 5G DC traffic. These measurements were carried out over the commercial Non-Standalone (NSA) 5G networks operated by three major Korean carriers.

This study represents another example of how the Accuver XCAL-Solo III contributes to advancements in the field, providing practical solutions for real-world challenges in wireless communication.

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