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Accuver Unveils Automated, Cloud-Based Drive Test System For LTE Network Rollout

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April 26, 2017

Accuver, the world’s leading provider of wireless test and measurement solutions, today announced that is has added a cloud-based drive testing management system called XRO to its series of drive test tools. XRO is designed specifically to automate the testing and analysis tasks during an LTE network rollout.

XRO was developed based on the company’s experience in helping a major wireless carrier in India launch an LTE network with thousands of cell sites quickly using hundreds of inexperienced personnel.

“Cloud-based performance testing and monitoring tools offer operators and network equipment providers a cost-effective solution that increases productivity and scalability,” said You Jin Kim, Head of Accuver Global Business Division. “With XRO, we are pleased to offer our customers a cloud-based solution where they can seamlessly manage multiple network clusters, conduct more precise drive tests, and respond to a large capacity of real-time data.”

The XRO system consists of the XRO Auto server and the XRO client. Together, the system is designed to enable one-person testing, eliminate mistakes in the field and provide a real-time view and rapid assessment of network performance.

XRO product benefits include:

- Efficiency: Faster site and cluster testing, reduced re-runs due to user mistakes, immediate pass/fail results

- Convenience and scalability: Cloud-based tool allows management of thousands of test mobiles from anywhere, anytime

- Automation: Automated test scripts, drive test route generation, and real-time alerts to report on Key Performance Indicators’ (KPIs) deviation