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VQML™, New video quality assessment solution

Writer : admin Date : 2022.07.21 Hits 3,802


Innowireless has developed a real-time video quality assessment solution for streaming based on deep learning. The new solution shows video quality score from the perspective of viewers by machine learning. It is a product that can assess the received quality of video content without forming a large-scale evaluation group. 


VQML (Video Quality Assessment with Machine Learning), a new solution of Innowireless, assesses the video content reception quality by indicating the perceived quality based on the average perceived quality score (V-MOS). The no-reference method was adopted so that users can quickly test the quality of streaming video without the original video.


Innowireless developed VQML using deep learning technology that learns video and V-MOS value patterns based on the user evaluation score database built through a large-scale survey. High reliability was secured in the correlation between the scores evaluated by the evaluation team and the assessed values while watching the video.


Innowireless installed VQML in its smartphone-based wireless network test and optimization solution, XCAL. It also can be installed on laptops, PCs, and tablets as software. It is possible to expand into video test equipment in various media business areas such as mobile communication services, video conferencing systems, online video service (OTT), and Internet TV (IPTV).

Innowireless VQML was recently recognized for its performance in the video call quality assessment using the disaster safety communication network of the National Intelligence Service (NIA), and the solution supply was confirmed. Innowireless plans to propose VQML as a video experience quality evaluation method among real-time paid broadcasting service quality evaluation items in the future.


According to the trend of international standardization and academic research on image quality evaluation methods, Innowireless is also preparing to introduce VQML to the global market. Especially, As the smart mobility market grows, it is expected to be highly utilized as an image quality assessment solution for vehicle infotainment systems.

Ohkeol Kwon, Head of Innowireless Development department, said, “The VQML solution provides user experience quality of video in an objective numerical value. It will be a useful solution not only for smartphones but also for online video conferencing solutions, live broadcasting platforms, OTT, and IPTV companies.”