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Accuver Adds Automation To In-Building Network Testing

Writer : Admin Date : 2017.04.26 Hits 818

April 26, 2017

Accuver, the world’s leading provider of wireless test and measurement solutions, today released a new automatic in-building positioning feature and freshly designed backpack to its XCAL-Harmony product line.

Accuver’s XCAL-Harmony is a portable, easy-to-carry, multi-phone testing solution that can be used for indoor walk test in buildings, subway stations, campuses and stadiums. The latest feature offers a user-friendly solution that increases the speed and accuracy of in-building network testing because it eliminates the need for a user to manually click his or her position on the screen and automates the process.

“As mobile data traffic continues to rise, wireless service providers will need to closely monitor their in-building network performance to ensure optimal usage,” said You Jin Kim, Head of Accuver Global Business Division. “Accuver’s newest lightweight backpack is designed to increase the speed and accuracy of in-building testing, making the XCAL-Harmony a more efficient and powerful tool to measure indoor network performance.”

The new XCAL-Harmony backpack is designed to hold six smartphones with XCAL-Mobile or XCAL-Solo software and extra batteries for six hours of testing. The backpack also features a single port to charge all devices and batteries as and a single USB port to access the device log files, allowing for ease of data transfer.