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Seunghwan Ji, a research fellow of Innowireless(Qucell networks) said “Small cell is going to rise”

Writer : admin Date : 2021.12.14 Hits 1,966

Small cells will lead the advancement of the 5th generation (5G) mobile communication network in a complementary relationship with base stations.”

Seunghwan Ji, a research fellow of Innowireless(Qucell networks), parent company of Accuver, said, “The small cell market will grow rapidly in the 5G environment.”


Small cell is a small base station that is smaller than a mobile communication base station and is installed in areas where it is difficult to transmit radio waves from existing base stations, such as shaded areas or buildings.


Research Fellow Ji is prominent in his research and development achievements related to small cells, his specialty. He accumulated base station-related technology Participating in the development of base station emulators for WiMAX and LTE48 at Innowireless(Qucell networks)


 By focusing its capabilities on small cell R&D from the early days of 4G, Innowireless(Qucell networks) laid the foundation for establishing itself as a leading company in the small cell field. Innowireless(Qucell networks) succeeded in commercializing 5G small cells for the first time in Korea.


 Researcher Ji predicted that the small cell market would also face a turning point with the advancement of the 5G market.


Small cells were used as a complement to mobile carriers’ networks in the 4G environment, but in the 5G environment, they can be used to replace existing wired networks.” He predicted Small cells will play a role in various specialized networks such as factories. Due to the characteristics of 5G, high performance can be used with even a single network of small cells, so demand in various fields is highly likely to increase.


The next task is to expand the small cell product line.


Research fellow Ji explained, "Since there are various types of 5G network base stations, small cells should also be diversified. It is necessary to develop various products according to frequency bands and applications."


He said, "We will expand the product line based on the currently developed products for 3.5GHz and 28GHz bands. We can meet various demands by developing a single product that covers all 3.5GHz and 28GHz bands."

He added, "Products that cover all frequency bands will be able to provide optimal communication quality depending on frequency situations."


 Researcher Ji received a commendation from the Minister of Science and ICT as a merit in the development of the 5G wired and wireless network industry at the "Mobile Korea 2021" held by the Ministry of Science and ICT last month. It was recognized for its contribution to strengthening the technology ecosystem in the network industry through the research and development of many mobile communication solutions including 4G and 5G Small Cells.


Researcher Ji said, "Now that the 5G small cell market is about to bloom, it has once again been an opportunity to gain strength toward the goal of leading the global 5G small cell market with our technology," adding, "We will focus on securing new growth engines to lead the global 5G small cell market with our technology."