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Accuver released NEW sXGP AP supports more Frequencies

Writer : Admin Date : 2021.04.27 Hits 2,185


New Frequency enables to build a private LTE system be half of existing PHS on the premises,

Accuver announced newly developed sXGP AP (SC-120J2) model, supports new Frequency specified by Ordinance no. 113 of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications in Japan at 2020.12.10. With this revision of the ministerial ordinance, the frequencies that can be used as the sXGP have been extended. In the past, sometime It was impossible to radiate the radio waves of the sXGP AP due to LBT function(*1) in places where PHS on the prmises was used. The new model, SC-120J2 has acquired technical standard conformity certification in response to this revision of the Ministerial Ordinance. It is now possible for the sXGP system to radiate radio waves by selecting another frequency that avoids the frequency being used by the premises PHS. As a result, even customers who have used PHS on the premises will be able to introduce and deploy an unlicensed LTE using sXGP method without stopping the system in use. moreover, newly added autonomous synchronization function reduces installation cost and brings more flexibility for installation.

Here's an example of usage


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*1: LBT function: (Listen Before Talk) A Function that radiate radio waves only if It is determined that It does not affect other systems by checking the radio wave condition of other systems