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Innowireless celebrates its 20th birthday : “World’s leading brand in 10 years”

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[Seoul, South Korea / October 21st] Innowireless Celebrates 20 Years Anniversary

Mr. Kwak, CEO of Innowireless said “At Innowireless, we are very excited to be here with our member of organization and what we achieved over the last 20 years”. “In next 10 years, we will overcome all the barriers and difficulties to become one of the world’s leading brands for sure”.

Innowireless announced mid to long-term strategy on its 20th anniversary.

In September 2000, it was founded by 8 members including former CEO Mr. Chung. Since then it became a leading provider of Network Optimization, Test & Measurement and Small Cell solution with over 450 employees.

Innowireless has diversity in self-developed solutions covering 4G-LTE and 5G-NR with proven track record of winning the “Presidential Award” for a total of 4 times certified by Korea government.

In 2010, Innowireless decided to enter Small Cell market as part of next generation network solutions and in 2012, achieved enormous success with deploy the world’s first and largest LTE Small Cell in downtown Seoul. Innowireless have been supplying Small Cell solutions in variety to local and global customers. As 5G launches globally, Innowireless is already invests on 5G Small Cell for early market occupation.

Accuver, Innowireless’ sister brand who is responsible for global sales and support introduced to the public in 2009 during “Mobile World Congress (MWC)”.

Currently, it has local sales organization in US, Japan, Europe, and Hong Kong to face customers 24/7 and has established a bridgehead with customers for understanding global environment as well as listening to market requirements. Accuver made swift landing on the global market, achieving more than half of the total sales from exports every year through more than 220 customers in over 50 countries.

Since last year, as part of new market strategy Innowireless launched a new branch in Shanghai, China to concentrate on strengthening its influence in China market.

Mr. Kwak, CEO of Innowireless said “Despite the challenging business environment brought on Innowireless by COVID-19 in 2020, we will response to COVID-19 with innovation in smart products and continued investment in future growth to be the best global brand for coming years”.

Innowireless celebrates its 20th birthday : “World’s leading brand in 10 years”

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