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Accuver, Pioneering Global Market with 5G Network Optimization Solution

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[Seoul, South Korea / September 23rd] Accuver is leading 5G market globally with comprehensive but exceptional Wireless Network Optimization, Testing and Measurement, Big Data Analytics as well as Small Cell solutions

Accuver’s 5G wireless network optimization solutions are estimated to share 30% of the global market in total. Their primary customer called “Rakuten Mobile” in Japan recently deployed “XCAT-MAIS” the Lab Automation solution, which is a real-time, multi-UE MIMO air interface simulator to enable 5G network testing and optimization.

Besides South Korean operator LG U+ is also XCAT-MAIS customer whose target is to improve their 5G network service quality. It is an ideal example in Korea for big & small cooperation partnership to achieve win-win growth economically.

SK Telecom is another South Korean operator who deployed XCAT-SmartShield from Accuver, which is OTA (Over-The-Air) programming solution for MIMO (Multiple-input and Multiple-Output) testing to minimize the signal loss.

Since 2012, KT and Accuver reached long term partnership for LTE Small Cell deployment which has encouraged them to make an influence on the network operators in the US and Japan. Accuver is participating on 5G with their own branded Small Cell and expecting to be reinforced the market starting from South Korea who launched world’s first national 5G service.

The Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT) recently appointed Accuver as participant of Giga Korea project. Synergy with their collaboration ended up Accuver to develop XCAT-IXA, a cloud server based handheld spectrum analyzer.

Mr. Minho Yoo, CTO of Accuver said, “We are delighted to announce that we are leading 5G vendor not only in Korea but also globally.” “Our first initiative will be pre-occupying the 5G market in Korea and with its reference we will offer high quality and standards to the global market.”

Accuver, Pioneering Global Market with 5G Network Optimization Solution

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Accuver is a leading provider of 5G wireless test and measurement solutions that optimize the performance and reliability of mobile networks. Working with all major network operators, infrastructure vendors, chipset manufacturers and wireless equipment OEMs, we measure, troubleshoot and optimize network performance and wireless service delivery. This involves a seamless blend of user insight, design innovation, software development, cutting-edge engineering
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