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Accuver Delivers XCAT-MAIS 5G Automated Verification Tool to Rakuten Mobile

Writer : Admin Date : 2020.07.01 Hits 2,516

Real-time Multi-cell, Multi-UE Massive-MIMO Air Interface Simulator to enable real-world 5G network testing and optimization

[Seongnam, South Korea / June 30th] ? Accuver, a leader in next generation wireless test and measurement solutions, today announced that it has delivered its automated verification tool for 5G base stations called “XCAT-MAIS” (Massive MIMO Air Interface Simulator) to Rakuten Mobile. This delivery reinforces Accuver’s commitment to support its customers as they deploy 5G networks.

The XCAT-MAIS solution is a real-time versatile system simulator consisting of 3G/4G/5G channel emulator and logging/analysis tools that enables system engineers to verify system performance with 3G/4G/5G cells and UEs by generating various field environment consistently and repeatedly in the lab.

The strength of implementing XCAT-MAIS for network optimization lies in its support of all wireless technologies, including Massive MIMO and 5G. Its flexible and scalable architecture, which utilizes both RF and baseband interfaces, has the added benefit of allowing greater lab deployment flexibility with a reduction in hardware costs. The utilization of the baseband interface also ensures that there are negligible losses in eNB/Device RF chain when compared to a pure RF cabled environment.

Major Features:
- Enable field-like Massive MIMO testing in a lab setting, including max. throughput per beam, beam-tracking performance, cell capacity and coverage, and handover
- Support various channel models including 3D-SCM and HST
- Scenario-driven multi- and remote user interface with administration feature
- Support distributed lab environment without RF cable laying
- Fully scalable and flexible architecture for system expansion (from 4 x 4 to M x N)

Recently, trends in the design of User Equipment (UE) devices eliminated external antenna connectors or ports, and in some instances, the ability to open device back covers. Accuver’s XCAT-SmartShield can resolve this concern which provides one-to-one connections between base station and UE antenna connections. It probes antennas in close proximity to a mobile device to reduce connection loss through minimizing channel uncertainty caused by air-channel inside a shield box.

Accuver's 5G Lab Automation Solution : XCAT-MAIS

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