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Innowireless delivers a shield box for 5G called ‘XCAT-SmartShield’ to SK Telecom

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Innowireless signed ‘XCAT-SmartShield’ supply agreement with SK Telecom

XCAT-SmartShield is a shield box solution with OTA (Over-The-Air) programming for MIMO (Multiple-input and Multiple-output) testing. It offers customer friendly interface with high accuracy, consistency, and stability. It also improved the performance of existing shield box such as connection loss and crosstalk.

Accuver’s XCAT-SmartShield offers 1 to 1 connection between BS and UE antenna by implementing 8 couplers for short-range probing to minimize connection loss with device. One of XCAT-SmartShield’s strength is to connect with RF port which has a least connection loss, therefore it minimizes channel uncertainty caused by air-channel inside a shield box and user can have wired connection environment and result.

The coupler installed for communication with antenna installed on device transmits a broadband signal up to 6GHz. Depending on the test frequency band, user can test 4G·5G MIMO testing without any antenna replacement.

As 5G era comes, Accuver already promoted XCAT-SmartShield to operators and expecting them to look for XCAT-Smartshield alike product more closely who demands for high efficiency and stability of their own 5G network.

Mr. Minho Yoo, CTO of Accuver said, “We are delighted to announce that we are first vendor to adopt and launch XCAT-SmartShield for 5G network through an agreement with SK Telecom.” “We plan to set a strategical roadmap to pre-occupy the 5G global market based on commercial references in Korea.”

Accuver's 5G 1 to 1 Shiled Box Solution : XCAL-SmartShield

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