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XCAL-PU12 : Accuver Launch High-tech Small Portable Tool for 5G Testing

Writer : Admin Date : 2020.05.08 Hits 1,978

Innowireless and Accuver launch high-tech small portable tool for 5G testing

[Seongnam, South Korea / May 7th] ? Accuver, a leader in next generation wireless test and measurement solutions, today announced that it has launched its real-time handy multi-benchmarking solution for 5G data testing called “XCAL-PU12”.

XCAL-PU12 can connect with multiple benchmarking test solution such as Smartphone, USB dongle, GPS, Scanner and then offers standard MOS (Mean Opinion Score) test function.
It is small portable multi-benchmarking solution with optimized performance for 5G measurement and it also supports both drive and walk test. If user need to test large scale of capacity with number UEs, XCAL-PU12 can be used in various forms through cascade feature.

Mr. Kwak, CEO of Innowireless said, “We will expand our market influence globally and solidify our position as leading 5G leader with our innovative 5G solutions.”

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Accuver's 5G Benchmarking Solution : XCAL-PU12

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