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Innowireless & Accuver offers solution for Wireless Network Failure Detection and 5G ...

Writer : Admin Date : 2020.04.24 Hits 1,468

[Global 5G Leading Venture] Innowireless offers solution for Wireless Network Failure Detection and 5G Commercialization

“Create a virtual environment in the lab to predict 5G network quality for operators”
“Expanding the global market share with accumulated experience and knowledge for last 20 years from 2G to 5G”

Innowireless, wireless network expertise based in Korea with over 220 customers in over 50 countries including all 3 operators in Korea recently earns the center of attention as leading 5G vendor for network wireless optimization and verification since network quality management becomes important for 5G commercialization.

Innowireless offers a wireless network optimization solution which allows user to have benchmarking, monitoring, and analyzing the wireless network performance and quality. By introducing Innowirless virtualization solution it allows to test their network performance before its deployment is finalized. Recently, LG U+ and Innowireless jointly develop automated verification tool for 5G base station testing which will accelerate 5G quality improvement by predict network problem & verify network capacity.

One of Innowireless’ business area is Small Cell. Small Cell can be used to provide in-building and outdoor wireless service. Mobile operators use them to extend their service coverage an increase network capacity. Innowireless aims to pre-occupy the 5G wireless network equipment market as well as small cell market this year and become a global leader.

In addition, they are planning to expand their solution range beyond 5G to other multiple business areas. Mr. Kwak, CEO of Innowireless said, “In the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution comes, we will challenge ourselves in wider area of network technologies such as Big Data analysis platform and AI applications that can be applied in other industries as well as the wireless network field”.

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