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Accuver Releases Commercial Deployments of Its MAIS Solution in Europe

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Accuver Releases Commercial Deployments of Its MAIS Solution in Europe

A real-time versatile system simulator that enables system engineers to verify system performance

Massive-MIMO Air Interface Simulator System (MAIS) (Photo: Business Wire)

▲ Massive-MIMO Air Interface Simulator System (MAIS)


Accuver, a leader in next generation wireless test and measurement solutions, today announced multiple commercial deployments of its Massive-MIMO
Air Interface Simulator System (MAIS) throughout Europe. The MAIS solution is used by operator and vendor labs to replicate the field radio environment within
a controlled and repeatable lab setting. When used in conjunction with the market leading XCAL family of device logging solutions, it creates a powerful
automated test environment. Its flexible and scalable architecture, which utilizes both RF and baseband interfaces, has the added benefit of allowing greater
lab deployment flexibility with a reduction in hardware costs. The utilization of the baseband interface also ensures that there are negligible losses in eNB/Device
RF chain when compared to a pure RF cabled environment.

Customers can use MAIS to validate:

  • Mobility using ITU fading profiles

  • Handover through RF attenuation

  • Performance under a network load by adding AWGN noise or cascaded real devices

  • Smartphone performance within a Massive MIMO environment
    “The MAIS is proving to be an invaluable solution for both Infrastructure vendors and operators to automate RAN/Device interoperability testing within
    a repeatable real-world network environment based on state-of-the-art technology," said Jingu Lee, General Manager, Accuver EMEA. “With so many wireless
    technologies including NB-IOT/5G NR, frequency bands, and device models being deployed, there is a strong need for a solution that allows customers
    to reduce the time to market for new features and reduce the time and cost of network infrastructure regression testing and MAIS is serving as that solution.”
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