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Accuver’s XCAL and XCAP Tools Ready for Qualcomm Snapdragon X55 Chipset

Writer : Admin Date : 2019.10.13 Hits 633

Accuver’s XCAL and XCAP tools now work with Qualcomm’s X55 Snapdragon-based devices for testing and
launching low-band 5G radio networks

Accuver, a leader in next generation wireless test and measurement solutions, today announced that its XCAL and XCAP tools can support devices based on
Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X55 chipset for 5G, which supports 5G FDD mode and low-band 5G spectrum, the first in the world.
Accuver developed its XCAL-M and XCAP-M tools for 5G in February 2018 to assist Samsung and Korea Telecom in launching the world’s first pre-standard 5G trial network during the Winter Olympics in South Korea. Now, the entire XCAL tool product line supports 5G NR with multiple chipsets and rich feature sets.

“Several mobile operators are currently relying on Qualcomm’s X55 chipset-based devices to launch their low-band 5G networks,”
said Jinman Kim, Accuver Americas General Manager. “Accuver offers a faster time to market with XCAL and XCAP tools to readily assist with testing and
optimizing their 5G networks.”

XCAL-M and XCAP-M are able to provide the following features and capabilities:

  • Supports Samsung S10 & Note10 5G smartphone with Qualcomm X50 chipset and Samsung Exynos chipset

  • Supports Qualcomm X55 chipset-based devices

  • ENDC Features enabling users to see LTE and 5G NR KPIs (including L1 throughput and PDCP throughput) and messages simultaneously in real time

  • Detailed Beamforming measurement analysis

  • 3GPP Release 15 specifications compliant

  • Interfaces to Network scanner for FR1 and FR2 bands from PCTel (IBflex & HBflex) and Rohde & Schwarz (TSME6 & TSMA6)

  • Rich 5G NR KPI information

Accuver attended Mobile World Congress Americas October 22-24th in Los Angeles, to learn more, please contact Accuver sales for more information
at sales.accuver@accuver.com.

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