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Accuver Big data solution 'AEGIS' will put wings to growth and prosperity of LGU+ 5G NR Network

Writer : Admin Date : 2019.01.25 Hits 692
Accuver Big data solution “AEGIS” will put wings to growth and prosperity of LGU+ 5G NR Network

Accuver, leader in next generation wireless test and measurement solutions. Accuver 5G AEGIS is going to push forward commercialization of LGU+ 5G network. LGU+ is on a cruise 5G era with Accuver’s world-class equipment.

With Accuver 5G AEGIS, which was developed with Accuver's evolved technology during after series years of research on big data technology since the success in AEGIS for LTE, LG U+ started to be engaged in 5G battle in South Korea commercializing 5G NR network in December, 2018.
LG U+, recently announced the introduction of Accuver transmission equipment (AEGIS) to commercial network construction of 5G, is planning to maximize the efficiency of network operation by introducing Accuver system to its network management.

Accuver 5G AEGIS, the Network Integrated Test and Measurement System, is a big data analysis and statistics system that provides real-time data of the statistical analysis of measured values for all types of network operation, including regional/service/subscriber/service host through the user interface, after testing and measuring large amounts of communication data generated by each network segment on time basis.
The system can also provide an optimized solution for maintaining and enhancing the performance of complex networks mixed with diverse communication technologies by supporting collectively the performance testing, analysis and statistical functions for existing 3G/4G networks as well as 5G.

"With the variety and complexity of mobile communication networks has been accelerating, integrated, a solutions to capture, collect and analyze massive amounts of communication data in real time is the essential to securing market competitiveness," said Song-Cheol Park, the head of Network Development Group, LGU+. "We are committed to market ecology that can lead the global market through co-working with Accuver, the leader in next generation wireless test and measurement solutions”

"Accuver 5G AEGIS with LGU+ which values co-prosperity in the market, will be a significant step for Accuver to enter into the overseas Big data optimization market deeply now than ever" said Young-soo Kwak, the CTO of Accuver. "Accuver will never stop to endeavor creating new business opportunities in the Big data and network optimization world market based on continued cooperation with customers and advanced technology competitiveness."
With introduction of 'Accuver 5G AEGIS', LGU+ is planning to provide 5G mobile telecommunication services to its customers with best differentiated quality.