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Network Optimization Solution
From drive testing to
post processing

Network optimization involves enhancing the performance, efficiency, and reliability of the network to ensure optimal user experience. This process aims to maximize the utilization of network resources while minimizing costs and addressing challenges such as congestion, coverage gaps, and quality issues.
Accuver provides comprehensive solutions for network optimization throughout the wireless life cycle. From drive testing to post-processing, Accuver’s expertise ensures unparalleled value, efficiency, and scalability. Accuver provides all-in-one solutions for chipset, device, and network performance testing and optimization for both indoor and outdoor, in the lab and field.
To help carriers and vendors mine, analyze, and report on massive volumes of test data, Accuver provides highly automated, highly configurable post-processing solutions that connect data sources and extract insights—for a complete performance picture in the shortest time possible.

A drive test is a network optimization method used to evaluate and assess the real-world mobile network performance of various systems and technologies, typically conducted using a moving vehicle. Accuver offers powerful and versatile drive testing solutions, XCAL, which support the latest devices and chipsets from leading manufacturers.
Mobile network subscribers expect seamless connectivity, even in high-density indoor areas like office buildings, malls, and airports, as well as vehicle-restricted areas including mountainous terrain. Accuver’s In-building and Walk Test solutions are essential for assessing network performance in these challenging environments. Accuver offers a comprehensive range of equipment options, including a unique handheld solution compatible with unrooted smartphones.
To help wireless carriers, vendors and data companies compare and contrast performance levels, Accuver provides complete solutions for in-vehicle and in-building benchmarking, Accuver’s unique design puts the handsets outside the chassis, enabling users to use the latest phone model easily and reducing the chassis size and weight so much that it can be carried in one hand.
Accuver’s smartphone solutions for network optimization redefine efficiency and flexibility. With features like unmanned remote testing, lightweight portability, seamless compatibility with unrooted smartphones, and hassle-free voice call testing, operators can effortlessly gather valuable network performance data. Our solutions empower users to optimize networks seamlessly, ensuring superior service delivery with ease.
Accuver’s state-of-the-art, automated testing solutions offer unparalleled speed, flexibility and customization options to reduce time, cost and complexity of deploying wireless networks.
Drone based Test
Accuver’s drone-based network optimization solution extends its reach into the airspace domain, aiming to ensure communication for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), Urban Air Mobility (UAM) operational flight. In this dynamic landscape, where safety, uninterrupted communication, and efficient control are paramount, our solution ensures robust mobile network connectivity.