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At Accuver, we’re driven to help our customers and theirs be the first to reach new frontiers of
wireless performance, innovation, value and trust.
Unattended Automated Solution for Remote Sites


Cloud-based Collaborative Analysis Solution

Cloud-based Powerful and Highly configurable Analysis Solution
XCAP-Cloud is collaborative Analysis Solution that can statistically analyze vast amounts of data in various types by implementing the function of the XCAP PC version on the server, multiple users can share detailed analytics data.

Us​e XCAP-Cloud to

  • Sharing analysis work with multiple teams and users
  • Big data Analysis
  • Post-processing and troubleshooting


  • Scalable and Stable Solution
    • Support either stand-alone or client-server configuration
  • Robust Data Management System
    • Managing and mining massive volumes of data quicly and easily
  • 5G Supported
    • Support latest wireless technologies : LTE and 5G
  • Minimize OPEX
    • Shared work&analysis for colleagues to maximize an efficiency
  • Custom Report
    • Report creation by Custom Template
  • Compatible with various chipset logs
    • Qualcomm(Supported), Samsung, Hisilicon, MediaTek (Under development)
  • Custom Statistical analytics
    • Support for custom query UI and SQL editing function
    • Detailed analytics per model unit
    • Automatic analytics of measurement data and report generation
    • Cloud system-based data analytics
    • Log file analytics in connection with the server products such as XCAL-Auto/RO
    • Map, Table, Graph, Chart analytics same as PC version
  • Report
    • Pie, Bar, Line, Map chart and Excel table report function
    • Create a report according to the template set by the user
  • Web based Packet viewer
    • Packet decode and analytics function
    • Support Flow graph
    • Support DRX/DRM file parsing



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