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Sophisticated USB C-Type multi-hub supports up to 6 UEs

Sophisticated USB C-Type multi-hub supports up to 6 UEs
XCAL-HubC6 is a dedicated USB C-Type Multi hub that can be used in conjunction with XCAL solutions. With its ingenious automatic device detection, rapid-charging prowess, and high-speed USB data communication, the XCAL-HubC6 takes the XCAL performance to unparalleled levels of excellence. It is optimized for high-performance data transmission and reception tests and long-term tests of 5G UEs with high power consumption as it supports fast charging up to 6 times faster during high-speed DM data communication. In addition, by supporting AC power and portable PD battery, it can be used in various measurement environments such as building, subway, laboratory and drive tests.
Use XCAL-HubC6 to
  • Unlock the full XCAL potential by dedicated USB hub supporting up to 6 UEs
  • Suitable for both In-building Testing and Walk Testing
  • Scalable up to 12 UEs test by configuring with XCAL-Hybrid
  • Extending up to 6 Smartphones enables more service call test in parallel and much better for benchmarking test
  • Enhance job stability by preventing user errors with automatic device detection & configuration
  • Power Supply to Smartphones more than enough for seamless test
  • Support Walk Test for Indoor measurement as well with PD Battery
  • Support charging speed up to 6x faster than general Hub
  • Support USB 3.2 Gen2 (10Gbps)
  • Support automatic mobile detection to port configuration
  • Support to control USB Port On/OFF one by one
  • Support USB-C Locking standard interface (Panel Mount locking screw)
  • Support Portable PD battery with Power Module


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