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Unattended Automated Solution for Remote Sites


Drone based 3D Airspace Network Test Solution

Versatile and precise network test solution beyond heights
XCAL-Air revolutionizes Mobile Network testing solutions by utilizing drones to identify and rectify coverage gaps in the air. According to the burgeoning of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) and drones, securing reliable mobile network connectivity is going to be essential even in the air.
XCAL-Air ensures continuous and reliable airspace mobile network connectivity, offering specialized capabilities.
Operators and users rely on XCAL-Air to establish and uphold uninterrupted connectivity, employing advanced features such as pre-configured flight routes, automated flights, and real-time monitoring.

Use XCAL-Air to
  • Measure at altitudes of up to 600m for UAS & UAM
  • Conduct benchmarking test in the airspace with up to 3 devices
  • Inspect the boundary of private 5G zone to prevent undesired interference
  • Perform wireless interface assessments in inaccessible locations
  • Conjunction with XCAL HW to perform network optimization
  • Collect real-time RSRP on the 3D Map
  • Robust containers that protect XCAL HW and devices
  • The tool-free design of the container minimizes downtime, allowing for quick troubleshooting
  • Gather data from a wider geographical area
  • Autonomous flight according to pre-defined route
  • Real-time monitoring via XCAL-Manager Air
  • Advanced drone control
  • Mission reconfiguration in response to specific wireless network events i.e. hovering, fail-safe return, measurement extention

ContainersXA-Network optimizationXA-BenchmarkingXA-Spectrum AnalyzerXA-Compact
  • XCAL-Solo III
  • Smartphone
  • Scanner
  • 10,000mAh Battery 2ea
  • XCAL-Solo III 3ea
  • Smartphone 3ea
  • 10,000mAh Battery 3ea 
  • XCAT-IXA 2x C
  • Smartphone
  • XCAL-Solo III
  • Smartphone
  • 10,000mAh Battery
  • Usage
  • Airspace network optimization
  • Interference monitoring
  • Spectrum/Cell scanning
  • Airspace network optimization
  • Network benchmarking
  • Interference monitoring
  • Base station inspection
  • Airspace network optimization
  • Technology3G/LTE/5G3G/LTE/5G3G/LTE/5G3G/LTE/5G
    Max. measurement time
    (independent of drone operation)

    e.g. FTP test: 3h 30m

    (Depend on battery)

    e.g. FTP test: 3h 30m

    (Depend on battery)

    3h 50m

    e.g. FTP test: 3h 30m

    (Depend on battery) 

    XCAL-Manager screen
    XCAL-Manager Air

    XCAL-Manager Air is a server-based integrated measurement solution specialized for airspace network optimization.

    It seamlessly merges collected data logs and signaling messages from XCAL-Air, empowering operators to monitor real-time measurement data, visualize statistics effectively. Furthermore, it expeditiously generates web-based reports within an hour of completing the measurement process. 

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