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Unattended Automated Solution for Remote Sites


PC based Advanced 5G Network Optimization Solution

World’s Leading Drive Test Tool
Used extensively on many of world’s largest networks, the intuitive and flexible XCAL series of drive test tools are designed to troubleshoot, monitor, maintain and optimize wireless voice and data network performance – all in real-time. XCAL assesses QoS/QoE and ensures seamless service integration with existing technologies ranging from 2G to 5G. By automatically recording and deciphering messages from the air interface, XCAL detects any network bottlenecks and impediments that may affect the delivery of high-quality voice and data services, providing invaluable insights for your network enterprise. Being the first to market on 5G and closely collaborating with early technology adopters, the product is equipped to meet all 5G drive test requirements.

Use XCAL to
  • Perform drive tests for service verification and gauge ‘success’ of network upgrades
  • Benchmark network performance
  • Carry out QoS, QoE measurements
  • Carry out end-to-end application testing (MMS, SMS, video, etc.)
  • Minimize OPEX by automating many labour-intensive workflows
  • Intelligently manage massive volumes of drive test data, maps and performance counters
  • Conduct indoor and outdoor network performance analysis
  • Optimize handover performances
  • Carry out Multiple data sessions on each test terminal
  • Carry out ADB Script for Smart Phone Performance Measurement
  • Technology independent: GSM, GPRS, EDGE, WCDMA, HSDPA, HSUPA, CDMA2000, EVDO Rev.0, Rev.A, Rev.B, TD-SCDMA, DVB-H, Mobile WiMAX, LTE, LTE-A (CA ~ 6CA), LTE-U (LAA) PS-LTE (MCTPP), eMTC (Cat.M1), NB-IoT, 5G NR and DSS (Dynamic Spectrum Sharing).
  • Huge return on investment because many technologies can be measured on the same simple platform (e.g. GSM, GPRS, WCDMA, WiMAX, LTE, 5G NR technology and etc.)
  • Single platform for QoS, QoE and benchmarking
  • Intuitive – very simple to use with minimal / no training involved
  • Highly customizable, stable and robust
  • User modifications (e.g. New features/functions) are encouraged and custom delivered
  • Easy and low cost maintenance
  • Collect various data
    • Collecting Layer 1,2,3 Message, TCP/IP packet information by interworking with device and scanner
    • L1 : PDCCH/PCFICH/PDSCH, etc.
    • L2 : MAC/RLC/PDCP, etc.
    • L3 : RRC/NAS, etc.
  • Support various chipsets
    • Qualcomm, Samsung, Mediatek, Hisilicon, Altair, Sequance, Intel, GCT, etc.
  • Support various wireless technologies
    • WiBro, WiMAX, WiFi
    • IS-95A/B, 1xRTT, EVDO Rev0/A/B, GSM/GPRS, EDGE
    • TD-SCDMA, LTE, LTE-A (CA ~ 6CA) LTE-U (LAA), PS-LTE (MCTPP), eMTC (Cat.M1), NB-IoT, 5G NR and DSS (Dynamic Spectrum Sharing)
  • Support various application automation test
    • Voice, SMS, MMS
    • FTP, Ping, UDP, TWAMP, E-mail, VOD, VT, WAP, VoLTE, mVoIP, YouTube, Google Play, Android APP automation Test
    • Messenger talk & Texting (BOLT, Bria, Facebook, Kakaotalk, LINE, Skype, WhatsApp)
    • VoWiFi
    • ATAM(App test automation Management)
  • Support various Scanners
    • PCTel, R&S, DRT, Anritsu, Panasonic
  • Support Remote Access Control
  • Support Text log Format

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