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Unattended Automated Solution for Remote Sites


1 UE Shielding solution with Over-The-Air technology applied for MIMO testing

1 UE Shielding solution with OTA (Over-The-Air) technology applied for MIMO testing
XCAT-SmartShield transmits a reference signal through probe antennas. It measures RSRP in a field MIMO environment to allow 1 to 1 connection between BS Tx and UE Rx antenna with physical RF cable connection in a lab area. However some of the recent UE device do not have externally figured antenna connector and unable to open the back cover. XCAT-SmartShield ease this hassle with providing virtual 1 to 1 wireless connection between BS and UE.
XCAT-SmartShield Overview
  • XCAT-SmartShield is a shield box solution with OTA (Over-The-Air) technology for MIMO (Multiple-input and Multiple-output) testing. It offers user-friendly interface with high accuracy, consistency, and stability. It also improved the performance of existing shield box such as connection loss and crosstalk
  • XCAT-SmartShield offers 1 to 1 connection between BS and UE antenna by implementing 8 couplers for short-range probing to minimize connection loss with device
  • One of XCAT-SmartShield’s strength is to connect with RF port which has a least connection loss, therefore it minimizes channel uncertainty caused by air-channel inside a shield box and user can have wired connection environment and result
  • User can secure high level of test reliability and stability
  • Low level of crosstalk between antenna ports secure reliable MIMO testing
  • Supports smartphones without external antenna connector
  • Allows to have reliable test results by offering no antenna replacement
  • No interference from outside (Isolation rate : > 60dB)
  • Easy to replace smartphones for testing

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