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Real UE based O-RAN E2E & IOT Test Solution

Real UE based O-RAN E2E & IOT Test Solution
AEGIS-O is an End-to-End Network analysis solution that offers to collect and analyze control plane and user plane data from 5G O-RAN network nodes by using a Rack type Desktop or Laptop. It includes a real-time packet tracer and a User-friendly graphic chart for an intuitive understanding of the whole 5G O-RAN network. Network operators and RU, DU, CU vendors can check their 5G network or equipment to improve network performance with AEGIS-O.

Us​e AEGIS-O to

  • Collaborative analytics through UE, O-RAN(L1 RF, L2 RLC/MAC/PDCP, L3 RRC), Core(NAS, TCP/IP)
  • DL Channel analysis through IQ data and RRC parameters
  • End-to-End RCA (Root Cause Analysis) through packet and signaling flow between UE(XCAL) and the 5G Core
  • Monitor and Analysis of E2E Performance and Interoperability Test
  • Simultaneous analysis of O-RAN UE, O-Fronthaul/Midhaul/Backhaul
  • Displays EVM and Modulation for each DL Channel
  • Objective performance index calculation and comparative analysis from various vendor devices
  • Automation of test cases and O-RAN Test Case support
  • Message flow check in real-time or post processing
  • Compare Beamforming/Scheduling information with UE's measured data
    • Collect and process O-RAN traffic
    • Collaborative Analytics with UE and Front/Mid/Backhaul trace packets
    • Control XCAL and IQ-Analyzer
    • Integrated dashboard
    • 5GC Packet analysis
    • O-FH Performance KPIs analysis
    • O-FH C/U-Plane delay measurement
    • UE Monitoring, O-FH Analysis
  • XCAL
    • UE trace monitoring, analysis & Report
    • Call script based automation
  • IQ-Analyzer
    • DL Channel Info(EVM, Modulation)
    • RB Map
    • Constellation, etc.


IQ Analyzer IQ Analyzer Protocol Analyzer Protocol Analyzer

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