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At Accuver, we’re driven to help our customers and theirs be the first to reach new frontiers of
wireless performance, innovation, value and trust.
Unattended Automated Solution for Remote Sites

API Solutions

API solution to connect 3rd party in-house App to Accuver products

Embed World’s Leading 5G network optimization tool
The XCAL API solution enables users to seamlessly integrate and control the advanced 5G network optimization tool, XCAL, within their in-house applications. By utilizing the embed API, users can enhance work productivity, customize the embedded elements, and interact with XCAL seamlessly, thereby improving network optimization capabilities.

  • Integration of additional features and capabilities into an existing solution, and expanding its functionality and potential use cases
  • API solutions are highly customizable, stable, and robust. It offers flexibility to tailor the solution to specific needs by selectively integrating only the required features and functionalities
  • Automation of tasks and workflows, increasing efficiency and reducing human error
  • Control
    • SCPI
    • REST API
    • TMAPI
    • Server API
  • Running
    • XCAL/XCAL-MO III Start/Stop
    • Automated Call Start/Stop
    • Logging Start/Stop
  • Get
    • MOS, RF Summary, Report, L3 Message
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