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At Accuver, we’re driven to help our customers and theirs be the first to reach new frontiers of
wireless performance, innovation, value and trust.
Unattended Automated Solution for Remote Sites


End-to-End High-performance Data Analytics Platform

End-to-End High-performance Data Analytics Platform
AEGIS-A is a built-in high-performance data analytics platform that can quickly find data of specific conditions from huge amounts of data generated from mobile networks. AEGIS-A helps network operators measure and analyze the end-to-end performance of their 3G, 4G and 5G (NSA/SA) networks in an integrated platform.

Us​e AEGIS-A to

  • Big data Analytics 
  • Large volume data Analysis
  • End-to-End Network Performance Analysis
  • Monitoring for performance and operating status of major network nodes in real-time
  • Various KPIs that can identify service status and trends
  • Service classification statistics to check subscriber trends
  • Analyze root cause for defect calls
  • Call Trace functionality that can track call flow of each subscriber
  • Built-in a high-performance data analytics engine and support user-defined queries
  • Aggregate Analytics
    • Inquiry and Analyze multiple collect sections simultaneously
    • Provide Analysis reward template and share functions
    • Detailed analysis possible with drill-down analysis function
  • Report
    • Report via Pie, Bar, Line, Map chart and Excel table
    • Generate report according to User template
  • Web based Packet viewer
    • Packet decode and analytics solution
    • Support Flow graph
    • Support DRX/DRM file parsing



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