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Accuver Partners With V*COMMS To Enhance Drive Testing

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June 05, 2017


Accuver Partners with V*COMMS to Enhance Drive Test Data Collection  

XCAL-M is the first drive test tool to integrate with new VRX scanner for more accurate testing 

Plano, Texas - June 5, 2017 ? Accuver, the world’s leading provider of wireless test and measurement solutions has partnered with V*COMMS to deliver the first integrated solution of XCAL-M drive test tool + VRX2700A scanner to a top-tier wireless operator in the US.

Accuver’s XCAL series of drive test tools are designed to troubleshoot, monitor, maintain and optimize wireless voice and data network performance - all in real-time. By automatically recording and deciphering messages from the air interface, the XCAL series is able to detect any network impediments to delivering high quality voice and data services, giving invaluable input for a network enterprise.  

V*COMMS VRX Wireless Scanner/Receiver provides full frequency coverage (380MHz to 6GHz) in a single or multiple technologies concurrency. It is optimized for indoor and outdoor testing with a highly sensitive GPS. The scanner/receiver is built with ruggedness and reliability in mind and easily integrates with other test software. 

“Often times, network engineers need both mobile phones and scanners to collect data during testing. The use of both help the engineers to measure and detect problems that impact the LTE network performance,” said Rubianto Satrio, General Manager of Accuver Americas. “Mobile phones provides user experience KPIs such as voice quality and data throughput, but they are not designed as test instruments. Scanners have much higher speed, accuracy, and sensitivity, hence they provide much more detailed measurements. They also provide measurements that are independent of the network setting and mobile chipset. This is the reason for Accuver to partner with V*COMMS on a solution to better solve our customer’s challenges.” 

By integrating Accuver’s XCAL-M and V*COMMS’ VRX Scanner, customers now have an additional scanning option to choose from. 

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