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Unlocking 5G potential: Qucell’s role in Rakuten Symphony’s automation journey

Writer : admin Date : 2024.01.25 Hits 2,388

We welcome Jeff Kim, Deputy CEO of Qucell Networks, as a contributor to our Community page to discuss the innovative partnership between Qucell and Rakuten Symphony. With a rich background spanning three decades in mobile networks, Kim has been at the forefront of innovation, turnarounds and corporate value building. He has dedicated the last eight years to spearheading the small cell business, and played crucial part in the 5G technology collaboration with Rakuten and steers corporate strategy at Qucell Networks.

My journey in the mobile networks industry

I had the privilege of recently meeting with Rakuten Symphony to talk about our collaboration. My career has been characterized by a commitment to driving innovation, adeptly managing turnarounds and making substantial contributions to corporate value. Over the past eight years, I have dedicated my focus to the small cell business, showcasing strategic leadership during four-year tenures at both Samsung Electronics and Qucell Networks. Notably, I played a pivotal role in advancing the 5G technology business through collaboration with Rakuten and play a key role in guiding corporate strategy at Qucell Networks. 

“With the advancing 5G technology, automation became a crucial point in unleashing its full potential, so we have recognized the need to join forces to revolutionize the networking landscape.”

Jeff Kim, Deputy CEO, Qucell Networks

Jeff Kim, Deputy CEO of Qucell Networks, talking about the partnership with Rakuten Symphony
Jeff Kim, Deputy CEO of Qucell Networks, talking about Quecell's partnership with Rakuten Symphony.

Qucell Networks - where quality meets connectivity

Qucell Networks seamlessly integrates 'quality' and 'connectivity' in its brand, 'Qucell,' cleverly merging 'Qu=quality' and 'Cell=small cell.' This combination signifies our commitment to reliable, seamless connectivity.

Originating as a small cell initiative within Innowireless 12 years ago, the evolution into Qucell Networks in 2017 marked a transformative journey. Specializing in small cell technology, the company offers a comprehensive range of solutions covering residential to outdoor applications, strategically positioning for diverse opportunities in the dynamic 5G densification market.

With eight global branches operating under the name “Accuver,” Qucell Networks extends its reach to provide comprehensive worldwide sales and technical support. This extensive network empowers 10 major Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) across key tech markets, delivering operator-grade service quality on a global scale.

Qucell small cell solutions.
Qucell small cell solutions.

A transformative partnership with Rakuten

Qucell Networks and Rakuten Mobile initiated our partnership in 2019, with Qucell supplying LTE and Wi-Fi small cells for home and SOHO/SMBs, including the Casa 6 model. As the 5G rollout commenced in 2022, Qucell transitioned to providing Sub-6 5G small cells, known as 5G IDSC, to Rakuten Mobile. This model not only delivered 5G service within the Rakuten Mobile network but also successfully completed OSS integration, integrating internal network entities such as vCU, ACA, and CMaaS.

The latest and ongoing project is the Combo initiative. True to its name, QUCELL Combo small cells support both 5G and LTE services, enhancing coverage in indoor areas. This solution allows flexible service provisioning, accommodating LTE only, LTE+5G NSA, or LTE+5G SA mode based on customer requirements. The streamlined single-box installation deploys both LTE and 5G services, representing the most effective solution for a seamless LTE to 5G migration.

Qucell Networks 5G All-in-One (DU+DU+RU) small cell.
Qucell Networks 5G All-in-One (DU+DU+RU) small cell.

Revolutionizing the networking landscape

The groundbreaking partnership focuses on 5G network automation through collaboration with Rakuten Symphony's virtual CU, CMaaS and OBF automation teams. We’re recognizing the crucial role of automation in unleashing 5G's full potential and the collaboration aims to revolutionize the networking landscape.

Adapting Rakuten Symphony’s vCU ensures interoperability with Qucell small cells, leading to a better product for joint customers. In the ever-evolving digital age, overcoming challenges in accelerating network deployment and ensuring seamless operations has been a primary focus. Leveraging Rakuten Symphony’s expertise, collaborative efforts have resulted in effortless deployment and quick, flexible 5G services.

Qucell Networks Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) solution.
Qucell Networks Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) solution.

Envisioning the future of the partnership

Qucell Networks and Rakuten Symphony eagerly anticipate the long-term visions for our collaboration, emphasizing values such as transparency, open communication, and a shared vision. I am very optimistic about the partnership and potential future collaborations.

Dive into the partnership between Qucell Networks and Rakuten Symphony in the full video here.