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[Benchmark Test Report By Signal Research] AT&T Network In Indianapolis

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February 05, 2018

One of the biggest research and consulting service company, Signal Research Group(SRG) chose Accuver's network measurement solution for the AT&T network benchmarking test in Indianapolis, USA. SRG publishes regular field research report in telecommunications sector with its specialized methodologies and comprehensive data in wireless industry. Accuver has been selected as a test tool provider since 2010 to capture and analyze the data.

Latest reports was conducted for benchmark study of small cells to quantify the incremental benefits of small cells in macro network and LAA using Accuver drive test tools, XCAL-Solo drive test tool and XCAP post-processing software.

The Numbers in a report

- 450 GB (at least) of transferred data in the downlink directio

- 795.1 Mbps peak data rate

- 230 Mbps average data rate (overall, including non-small cell usage)

- More than 60% of data transferred on unlicensed spectrum

- Nine different UNII-1 and UNII-3 channels, including Channel 165, used at some point during the tests

- Less than 5 hours required to transfer the data (user experience tests only)

- 1 square kilometer (approximate) test area

Additional information

* More SRG reports with Accuver tools at