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At Accuver, we’re driven to help our customers
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Network Optimization

From drive testing to post processing, Accuver’s expertise spans the complete wireless life cycle—for unparalleled value, efficiency and scalability.
To help wireless carriers and vendors achieve faster rollouts and technology improvements, Accuver provides all-in-one solutions for chipset, device, and network performance testing and optimization, indoors and outdoors, in the field and in the lab.

And to help those same carriers and vendors mine, analyze and report on massive volumes of test data, Accuver provides highly automated, highly configurable post-processing solutions that connect data sources and extract insights—for a complete performance picture in the shortest time possible.

Drive Test

With solutions to fit more of the newest devices and chipsets from top manufacturers—Accuver’s drive testing solutions are considered among the most powerful and versatile in the industry.

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In-Building Test

With a full range of equipment options, including the unique handheld solution that works with unrooted smartphones, Accuver provides solutions for buildings of all shapes and sizes.

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To help wireless carriers, vendors and data companies compare and contrast performance levels, Accuver provides complete solutions for in-vehicle and in-building benchmarking, Accuver’s unique design puts the handsets outside the chassis, enabling users to use the latest phone model easily and reducing the chassis size and weight so much that it can be carried in one hand.

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Smartphone Solutions

Accuver’s smartphone testing solutions meet the many diverse needs of our clients—including instant compatibility with most off-the-shelf Android devices.

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Post Processing

With new solutions for real-time network visibility and optimization, Accuver helps our customers measure, analyze and optimize the performance of their 3G and 4G networks.

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Autonomous Network Testing

Accuver’s state-of-the-art, automated testing solutions offer unparalleled speed, flexibility and customization options to reduce time, cost and complexity of deploying wireless networks.

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Big Data

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Big Data Solutions

Accuver’s AEGIS solution helps network operators measure and analyze the end-to-end performance of their 3G and 4G networks—in a single, integrated platform.
By collecting real-time information from a variety of network interfaces—including X2, S1 MME, S11, S1U, S5, SGi, and others—AEGIS filters, correlates, assembles and structures the data to provide an accurate picture of your network performance

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Small Cell
Test Solutions

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Small Cell Test Solutions

Accuver provides comprehensive solutions for end-to-end LTE small cell testing, including automated testing with 30 or more real mobiles, post-processing and data analysis, air interface simulator and EPC & IMS emulator.

With diverse, flexible options to meet a multitude of unique small cell configurations and testing specifications Accuver brings speed and interoperability to manufacturing, stability, and initial development testing

Initial Development Test

Accuver solutions help our clients perform various functional test of their small cells and analyze them – from accessibility to load balancing to handover statistics – ensuring the best possible performance of the product.

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SW Stability Test

With support for automated testing with dozens of mobile devices in parallel, Accuver solutions help our clients verify their small cell’s capacity and software stability.

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Manufacturing Test

For high-volume manufacturing, Accuver provides multi-DUT (device under test) solution with automation software to reduce the time and cost of small cell testing.

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Network Performance Verification Testing
or Network Capacity Testing

Accuver’s solutions offer the most flexible and reliable method for real-time load and capacity testing for small cell, macro cell, and HetNet environments. They offer the capability to test with a combination of real and emulated mobiles.

And with comprehensive and customizable views, these tools help our clients troubleshoot, analyze, and benchmark macro cell and small cell deployments with total confidence—to monitor and identify problems on the spot.

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Maintenance Tester

To help wireless carriers and vendors examine and repair their deployed network in the field, Accuver provides smart, hand-held solutions for installation, diagnosis and maintenance on-the-go.

With flexible, multi-role equipment, our customers can reduce their capital and operational expenditures across the full network lifecycle—from initial deployments to maintenance and upgrades—by saving on up-front equipment purchases and staffing expenses.