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Unattended & Remote Network Quality Monitoring

Server-based Auto Data Collection System

XCAL-Auto is a cost-effective autonomous solution used to perform large-scale wireless measurements using various remote test units(RTUs). These RTUs may be individual smartphone devices, Scanners and benchmarking solutions. The solution is scalable and lends itself to rapid deployment. The XCAL-Auto solution provides operators with a continuous stream of real-time measurement data from the network as perceived by subscribers.

  • User XCAL-Auto to

    • Perform voice & Data service tests
    • Monitor network KPIs, RF parameters and Layer 3 in Real-Time across all wireless technologies from any PC with internet access
    • Detect and trouble shoot call performance issues, coverage limitations and capacity bottlenecks in real-time
    • Generate network KPI reports
    • Benchmark competitor performance
    • Compare site and cluster performance following network upgrades.
  • Benefits

    • Speed
      • Check Measurement route, call statistics and KPI in real time to find out abnormal area or necessary of re-measurement, change scenario and take immedate field action
    • Usability
      • Applied by server, field test user only control simple operation as Turn On/Off
    • Objectivity
      • High reliability with same condition by centralized management
    • Expandability
      • Version Management and applying new version by Real time communication with server.
    • Economics
      • Easy to cover large are with simple method, Cost saving by easy enough to use anyone without additional training.


Measurement Plan Scenario (Autocall setting) editing/transmission Logmask(measurement list) editing/transmission Measurement schedule management
Real-Time Monitoring & Control Measurement device condition management Device management for each error case Remote monitoring and control Communication history data management
Statistics Analysis Support call statistics such as Fail, Drop Call Etc. Support RF Statistics such as RSCP, Ec/Io, Throughput Etc.
Auto Analysis Reporting Automatic report generating with preset format Send URL of report to registered user's email
Installation Non installation by Web Base


Contents Minimum Recommended
OS Windows Server 2012 Standard Windows Server 2012 Enterprise
CPU CPU 2.13GHz 2 Processor (2*8 Core) CPU 2.66GHz 4 Processor (2*8 Core)
Memory 64 GB More than 256 GB
Storage 1 TB More than 5 TB except Log file storage
Database SQL Server 2012 R2 Standard SQL Server 2012 Enterprise
Number of Moblies 50Ea 500Ea